[Fwd: Re: [tex-live] kpse version and feature request]

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Jun 11 22:49:54 CEST 2004

    bound that to new features, whil eversion is for new builds and such. 

I don't think this idea is practical.  Releases are what matter;
potentially, new features could be included there.  However, I am
doubtful even of that, because "feature" is so ill-defined, has
different incarnations, different bugs, etc.

The date that Olaf checks in a new feature into development code is
irrelevant and useless, seems to me.

The only reliable way I can think of to do this is the autoconf method
-- write code that tests exactly the feature you need.  (Not claiming
this is easy.)  Hoping to be able grep some text description for your
precise need seems to me like pure fantasy.

    hm, i fear you're right, which is probably why software will be
    short-live until that is sorted out

Yep.  We're doing our best to make even TeX be incompatible :).

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