[tex-live] more testing

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Fri Jun 11 10:13:41 CEST 2004

Hi Thomas,

>If you want to support old binaries as well and if you don't want to
>rely on fmtutil, you have to provide both ways for creating the formats.
well, you know how linux distributions work: they ship old tex's while 
users want new macros (no problem since they can update that part in a 
local tree) ; also, there is the "unwilling to update sysadm" problem -)

>If you don't want that the user has to set an option for this, you have
>to detect the engine yourself (e.g. parse "pdfetex --help").
last night i spent some time on that issue,

i thought about parsing the banner, but then i depend on

- the engine having that name
- the  keeping the same format (or adapt at each new version)

and so i rejected that option;

i decided for this year to use --translate-file=natural.tcx in 
texexec.ini and next year to switch to --8bit

(i hope that live will be more comfortable when the new kpse libraryis 
there and can be accessed as a deamon)


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