[tex-live] more testing

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Fri Jun 11 10:03:20 CEST 2004

Akira Kakuto wrote:

>From: karl at freefriends.org (Karl Berry)
>>    now everything that does not use fmtutil has to be adapted
>>What in TeX Live does not use fmtutil?  I was under the impression this
>>was the only way formats got created.
>fmtutil assumes a unique format name, while some ConTeXt users
>want to use the same format name with the other engine.
>Therefore Olaf introduced $engine when he unified the
>format suffix (.fmt)
remark: context formats are on a per-interface basis:

cont-en -> english user interface
cont-nl -> dutch user interface

etc. Since drivers are loaded dynamically there is no need to have 
formats for dvi and pdf (so no pdfcont-en and dvicont-en which makes no 
sense anyway)

texexec --make  [en nl ... metafun mptopdf]

wil generate formats after updates; normally on tetex it will use 
fmtutil, unless --alone is specified; this also works for miktex (i 
don't know if fmtutil nowadays generates metapost formats as well, but 
there were times when only plain mp was shipped);

(i have noticed that many tex users don't know the difference between a 
format and a program (using a format); one reason for handling things 
this way was that i could bypass complex explanations)


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