[tex-live] testing binaries

Fabrice Popineau Fabrice.Popineau at supelec.fr
Thu Jun 10 10:33:59 CEST 2004

> - windows binaries : still tl80 prefix for dll's (should be 90)

Ok, I'll change that for the next round.

> - mpost does not provide the -8bit switch yet (so i cannot patch/upload
> context/texexec yet, sorry)

C:\Source\XeMTeX\texk\xemtex>mpost --help
Usage: mpost [OPTION]... [MPNAME[.mp]] [COMMANDS]
-translate-file=TCXNAME use the TCX file TCXNAME
-8bit                   make all characters printable by default
-T, -troff              set the prologues variable, use `makempx -troff'
-help                   display this help and exit
-version                output version information and exit

> - -oem is still there, wasn't that to go?

The Russian guys convinced me to keep it for the moment (sorry Olaf). I
still have to understand if there is a way to workaround their problem in
reading tex output to the console.

> for fabrice: mpost.exe is not in the static binary path

I can provide one if needed. I have fixed another "space in file name"
problem with makempx.exe too.


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