[tex-live] Stop looking for CAB storage under Unix

Fabrice Popineau fabrice.popineau at supelec.fr
Tue Jun 8 22:26:23 CEST 2004

> As for convincing Fabrice about ZIP inside CAB:  we could then get around
> implementing ZIP compression in lcab, but then Fabrice's installer would
> have to postprocess the ZIP archive.  Not sure how easy that is/isn't in
> the MSI framework...

All is in the subject. There is another reason why it wouldn't work. The
layout of the files needed for the MSI installer doesn't fit either with
what has been done until now. I doubt any body wants to see that kind of
C:\Source\XeMTeX\setup\Cabs>cabarc l Packageaeguill.cab.ibd

Microsoft (R) Cabinet Tool - Version 5.2.3790.0
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved..

Listing of cabinet file 'Packageaeguill.cab.ibd' (size 5291):
   8 file(s), 1 folder(s), set ID 0, cabinet #0

File name                      File size     Date      Time   Attrs
-----------------------------  ---------- ---------- -------- -----
   file709                           5629 2003/08/02 02:51:00  -a--
   file710                           1344 2004/06/04 15:33:42  -a--
   file711                           2232 2003/08/04 15:55:08  -a--
   file712                           1792 2003/08/02 02:46:00  -a--
   file713                            792 2003/08/04 15:55:10  -a--
   file714                           2556 2003/08/02 02:49:00  -a--
   file715                            134 2003/08/02 02:50:00  -a--
   file716                            131 2001/04/26 11:43:44  -a--

This is the aeguill package ready for use with the MSI installer.

So forget about it under Unix. I'm investigating another option using
something more standard.


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