[tex-live] repository

Fabrice Popineau Fabrice.Popineau at supelec.fr
Tue Jun 8 13:54:49 CEST 2004

> minor glytch: (dunno what it means):
>    rename .nul.001496 -> nul : File exists

It means that command line is crappy under Windows and makes any .nul* name
equivalent to 'nul', which is the /dev/null under Unix. You can't delete
such a file by normal means. Try from perl/ruby/whatever to unlink it.

> >> - dvipdfmx is only available under windows, while it's quite actively
> >> meintained version and needed for cjk & pdf
> >
> >
> > pass. does it compile under Linux?
> dunno, but it's c code so ...

Certainly yes, once the usual autoconf/automake stuff is in place.

> >> - if space becomes a problem: there is a huge file dataII.tgz (30Meg)
> >> under the pstricks path
> >
> >
> > lets see how space pans out

This is data to test the pst-geo package.

> >> - there are quite some pl/rb/py/sh scrips not moved to the scripts
> >> path yet, so they will not be found with kpsewhich if needed
> >
> >
> > like what?
> a few in in the main tree:
>   Directory of E:\texlive\Master\texmf\doc\generic\huhyphen
> 08/06/2004  12:05             3,341 searchforerrors.rb
> 08/06/2004  12:05             2,301 testhyphenation.rb
>                2 File(s)          5,642 bytes

I doubt you use that in your normal job. Actually I listed all the *.pl *.rb
*.py *.sh files and most of them are dedicated to tests or installation
(generation of files).

If someone feels that he can sort them out, it is easy to move those scripts
to texmf-dist/scripts/<package>/... but Sebastian's script will have to do
the same, else the changes will be lost at next package upgrade.

[ This is why it won't be clean until we give clear rules to package
maintainers and they do the job themselves. ]


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