[tex-live] Re: Re: tex.ch changes that should go into omega and aleph

Olaf Weber olaf at infovore.xs4all.nl
Sun Jun 6 11:53:24 CEST 2004

Giuseppe Bilotta writes:
> Olaf Weber wrote:
>> Giuseppe Bilotta writes:
>> > Olaf Weber wrote:
>> >> There have been changes in tex.ch that should probably be merged into
>> >> omega and aleph.  Volunteers?
>> >> 
>> >> They are in the area addressed by comw32.ch -- much of what was in
>> >> there should now be -- elsewhere, I suppose.  The changes in tex.ch
>> >> center on versions #21 and later.
>> > Can you send me a diff? I'm not comfortable enough with 
>> > perforce yet to know how to track changes.
>> Sent directly.

> Thanks Olaf, thanks Karl. It seems to me I don't have much to 
> with the Aleph and Omega base ... the changes are of three 
> groups:

> * (minor) TEX_(POOL|ENGINE)_NAME changed to TEXMF_\1_NAME

> This is already implemented in Aleph, it seems.

I think I pushed those already, yes.

> * ML-TeX and enc-TeX related stuff, plus dumping and undumping 
> of TCX files

> I don't really think these have any meaning for Omega and 
> Aleph, since I doubt those TeX extension are compatible with it


> * spaces in filename

> I just noticed that most of the code added to tex.ch is already 
> present in the "w32" changefiles for Omega, which if I'm not 
> mistaked is the set of fpTeX-specific changes. Looks like I'll 
> just have to move it to all platforms.

I believe that assessment to be correct.

Olaf Weber

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