commercial TeXs (was: [tex-live] free software, DFSG)

Martin Schröder ms at
Sat Jun 5 00:23:42 CEST 2004

On 2004-06-04 12:24:33 -0700, Charley Bay wrote:
> > Charley Bay wrote:
> Sebastian replied:
> > > I still have questions about other parts of the 
> > > landscape:  What about some of the 'commercial'
> > > distributions? 
> > no serious innovation for years, I believe
> Ah, distractions from the web no doubt.

No, most of them simply smell very funny because they have fallen
way behind.

BSR, Y&Y, PCTeX and TrueTeX to me seem to be in different stages
of becoming obsolete as TeX installations (e.g. no adoption to
new OSs and/or no direkt PDF). None of these IMHO can compete
with MikTeX or TeXshop. But they have nice fonts. :-)

But there is BaKoMa, which seems to be all-singing, all-dancing.
And MicroPress with VTeX, which has an integrated PS-RIP and does
PDF. And Scientific Word/Workplace, which ships with web2c.

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