[tex-live] map file / new path settings

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Sat Jan 24 23:56:09 CET 2004

At 23:10 24/01/2004, Thomas Esser wrote:
> > >On the other hand, much more people add texinput related stuff to their
> > >TeX system than font related stuff; I don't think that you can make a
> > >point here.
> >
> > the main tree?
>Sorry, I did not notice that you were talking about the main tree. Which
>programs install map / enc files there?

any font installing script when no texmf-local is set (like texfont, 
although i patch that to font/map and font/enc and ask the lcd people what 
to do with the open type and special font stuff)

>Good point. I think that the TeX Live documentation for the next release
>should have precise instructions for people who want to adopt their local
>tree to the new release. These instructions need to be clear enough even
>for sysadmins without a TeX background.
>Something like:
>   TeX Live follows a chnage of the TeX Directory Standard made in
>   Feb. 2003 which means that you need to rearrange your local texmf
>   trees if they still use the old organization.
>   If you have map files inside the dvips or pdftex directory tree, move
>   them to fonts/map. If you have enc files inside the dvips directory
>   tree, move them to fonts/enc. If you have input files for etex, mltex,
>   omega and pdftex at top-level in your directory tree, move them to
>   the tex tree. Try to preserve the structore that was below the old
>   tree, e.g.  move pdftex/foo/baa/x.tex to tex/foo/baa/x.tex.

good! the user groups journals should out that on a page of its own 
(already forwarded that piece to the maps)


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