[tex-live] Documentation missing for many packages

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Wed Jan 21 17:39:55 CET 2004

Harald Harders wrote:

> Yes, that is evident. Is there a possibility to ensure that some files are
> surely included? May be you could define a special file provided by
> the package authors that specifies which files have to be included in the
> tex, doc, and source sections.

of course, I could try. I could start off my testing for a TL manifest
file. but it gets complicated. many packages need compiling in some way
before the files exist, so the manifest has to say "first run pdflatex, 
then makeindex, then bibtex etc etc".

> For example, the package author could include a file 'tlfiles.txt' similar
> to this one:
> tex: numprint.sty numprint032.sty
> doc: numprint.pdf README
> source: numprint.dtx numprint032.dtx numprint.ins numprinttest.tex \
>   getversion.tex Makefile
> catalogue: numprint.xml

well, if you express it in XML :-}

> An approach like this may ease to build the archives and tpm files. The
> package authors could also provide tpm files by themselves. But then,
> there should be some documentation how to write a tpm file available.

thats the problem. lack of time to document anything!

this is due for discussion at Dante in March, if you will be there?
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