[tex-live] Documentation missing for many packages

Harald Harders h.harders at tu-bs.de
Wed Jan 21 17:44:20 CET 2004

> > For many packages, the documentation is not installed (in the
> > directory $TEXMF/doc/latex) although I have selected to install
> > documentation.
> > numprint:
> >   installed: README numprinttest.dvi numprinttest.tex
> >   missing:   numprint.pdf
> ....
> I am not entirely surprised. I am continually culling
> files to fit on the CD... I'll try to do better next time
> ...
> > For some packages, the documentation is installed as requested.
> You have to bear in mind that packages from CTAN are run through
> a "sausage machine" to make TL packages. I do not (cannot) read
> the documentation, Makefiles etc, so sometimes I don't do what the
> author intended.

Yes, that is evident. Is there a possibility to ensure that some files are
surely included? May be you could define a special file provided by
the package authors that specifies which files have to be included in the
tex, doc, and source sections.

For example, the package author could include a file 'tlfiles.txt' similar
to this one:

tex: numprint.sty numprint032.sty
doc: numprint.pdf README
source: numprint.dtx numprint032.dtx numprint.ins numprinttest.tex \
  getversion.tex Makefile
catalogue: numprint.xml

An approach like this may ease to build the archives and tpm files. The
package authors could also provide tpm files by themselves. But then,
there should be some documentation how to write a tpm file available.


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