[tex-live] Documentation missing for many packages

Harald Harders h.harders at tu-bs.de
Wed Jan 21 17:07:38 CET 2004

I have sent this mail a few ours ago when I wasn't yet subscribed to the
mailing list. Thus, please excuse me if you get it twice.

I have one problem with the TeXLive 8 installation for Linux (with
Windows, I have not tested it):

For many packages, the documentation is not installed (in the
directory $TEXMF/doc/latex) although I have selected to install
documentation. I do not have a detailed list of packages where this
happens, but here are some examples:

  installed: README numprinttest.dvi numprinttest.tex
  missing:   numprint.pdf

  installed: README  babelbibtest.dvi  babelbibtest.tex
  missing:   babelbib.dvi

  installed: copyrite.txt  manifest.txt  readme
  missing:   cmbright.dvi

  installed: README
  missing:   multibib.dvi

  installed: 00readme.txt  catalog.txt  changebar.bug  chbar.1  manifest.txt
  missing:   changebar.dvi

This is just a small list. This bug cause »texdoc« not to work as
expected. When calling »texdoc numprint« for instance, a netscape window
opens with the catalogue entry instead of the documentation.

For some packages, the documentation is installed as requested.

Is there a possibility to fix that problem without waiting for the next
release of TeXLive? Is there an easy and quick way to install the missing
documentation files for all installed packages?


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