[tex-live] compiling on alpha, problem mit configure in lcdf-typetools

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Thu Jan 15 17:12:34 CET 2004

in source/TeX/utils/lcdf-typetools the file configure is in DOS modus
which crashes my sh on alpha:

running /bin/sh ./configure --prefix=/mirror/norbert/texlive/p4-base/Build/source --datadir=/mirror/norbert/texlive/p4-base/Build/source --enable-multiplatform --srcdir=. 
: command not found
./configure: line 20: syntax error near unexpected token `elif'
./configure: line 20: `elif test -n "${BASH_VERSION+set}" && (set -o posix) >/de'/null 2>&1; then
configure: error: ./configure failed for utils/lcdf-typetools

After doing 
	dos2unix configure
configure stumbled across kpathsea ...
configuring in utils/lcdf-typetools
checking kpathsea/kpathsea.h usability... no
checking kpathsea/kpathsea.h presence... no
checking for kpathsea/kpathsea.h... no
checking for kpse_set_program_name in -lkpathsea... no
configure: error:

Well, it is not build for now, obviously

(Sorry, this is a plain system with nothing installed, not even TeX, my
toy machine on alpha for playing).

Is this problem known?

Best wishes


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