[tex-live] Re: [tex-k] TeX finding filenames with spaces

Thomas Esser te at dbs.uni-hannover.de
Wed Jan 14 18:26:42 CET 2004

> Are the various linux distro's self-contained (redhat, fedora, mdk,
> debian, SUSE, SGI Freeware, etc.)?  I know from sad experience that the

I, myself, no longer provide binaries. I just provide the source code.
People building the binaries can decide what to do. The default configure
script already supports a lot of options for handling libraries and the
source package comes with several libraries: libpng, libwww, ncurses,
xpdf, zlib and a library for handling type1 fonts (split into t1lib
/ type1).

So, if you actually build teTeX on your own, you do not need to have
these libraries to be installed. However, if you already have some of
them on your system, you can use them instead of building them again.


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