[tex-live] Re: [tex-k] TeX finding filenames with spaces

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Jan 13 16:51:38 CET 2004

At 15:00 13/01/2004, Karl Berry wrote:
>     > an pdfetex-only texlive sounds ok to me
>     To me too !
>Fabrice, Hans, Sebastian -- I hope you are not serious.  Although you
>personally may never use anything but PDF, please consider the TeX user
>constituency, and keep TL useful to everyone.  We must continue to
>include DVI support.
>Just as one small example, in every TUGboat issue there are a few
>articles which do not run with pdftex for whatever reason.

we *are serious* especially since pdf(e)tex outputs dvi as any tex does, 
actually, even features like character protruding work in dvi mode

some persistent myths:

(1) pdftex, another kind of tex (fact: an extension in the spirit of knuth)
(2) context, a macro package depending on pdfetex (mentioned in linux 
distribution) (fact: just a macro package that runs with any tex)
(3) pdflatex, not latex, yet another program (fact: just a format loaded in 
the tex program)
(4) cmr fonts are bitmaps (fact: there have been outlines for ages)

personally i think that much of the confusion comes from the fact that less 
users understand the difference between stubs, programs, format files etc.

So, no matter how strange we may behave occasionally, this time we're 
deadly serious,


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