[tex-live] Re: [tex-k] TeX finding filenames with spaces

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Tue Jan 13 15:28:23 CET 2004

Karl Berry wrote:

>    I think you'll find no change at all.
>So, for example, if I run pdfetex with DVI enabled instead of pdf,
>pstricks will work?  I suppose so -- it's just falling back on the
>original code, essentially, right?
yes. I'd be very surprised indeed if this did not work as expected. It's 
how Hans has
been working with ConTeXt for ages

>     * any ways in which pdfeTeX does NOT give identical results
>    if the second of these applies, clearly thats  an end to the suggestion
>So, the change must be made early, and advertised widely, and people
>given a chance to test.
it would be a big step...

>But even with all that, it would seem odd to me to do this in TL if the
>underlying releases don't.  How about making teTeX/fpTeX/gwTeX releases
>implementing this change (with pretesting, etc.)?  And at least
>mentioning it on their respective technical lists.
it certainly needs much more discussion. probably, in fact, premature 
for this year, as it
buys us nothing but disk space and elegance. Getting encTeX will make 
more people happier.


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