[tex-live] Re: [tex-k] TeX finding filenames with spaces

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Jan 13 10:52:12 CET 2004

At 18:06 12/01/2004, you wrote:

>Martin Schröder wrote:
>>>Then I would investigate talking seriously with Knuth about this.. Maybe 
>>>Knuth would be willing to secede control to a foundation with a charter 
>>>that protects TeX while giving it possibilities to adapt to necessary 
>>>changes in the computing world.
>>You _can_ adapt TeX, but you must rename it. E.g. to pdfTeX. :-)
>How about we be really radical on TeX Live this year
>and only ship pdfTeX? no "real" TeX at all

an pdfetex-only texlive sounds ok to me


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