[tex-live] Re: [tex-k] TeX finding filenames with spaces

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Mon Jan 12 18:06:43 CET 2004

Martin Schröder wrote:
>>Then I would investigate talking seriously with Knuth about this.. 
>>Maybe Knuth would be willing to secede control to a foundation with a 
>>charter that protects TeX while giving it possibilities to adapt to 
>>necessary changes in the computing world.
> You _can_ adapt TeX, but you must rename it. E.g. to pdfTeX. :-) 

How about we be really radical on TeX Live this year
and only ship pdfTeX? no "real" TeX at all

Apropos of nothing, by the way, people interested in source compiling
should get the latest source.development from Perforce, where Thomas
has been working hard. With the rearrangement of the texmf tree, the 
sooner this is all tested the better.
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