[tex-live] TL in CVS on Berlios

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Mon Jan 12 16:07:05 CET 2004

Gerben Wierda wrote:

> That is a good point. OTOH it is Open and it is probably the widest 
> spread desktop unix around these days. 

I must move in different circles from you. I don't know anyone with
a Mac these days; wait, I can think of 1 person in the building
who uses Mac. as opposed to 6 or 7 with Linux. oh well.

> Come on. This is not really helpful, is it? Why act negative? If we were 
> talking SCO, Microsoft, I would agree. But Apple today is more a policy 
> child of NeXT than of Apple before Jobs' return. 

I am merely reporting my perception. In open source circles, I don't see 
much mention of Apple at all. IBM, Sun, maybe Novell, but
Apple are just ageing hippies who sell expensive over-designed boxes, 
aren't they? :-}

I can't get over the fact that Macs never have been useable by me since 
the very early days; I thought Illustrator and Pagemaker were fun in 
about 1986, but I quickly tired of the gimmicks and got fed up with the 
slow hardware. Whenever anyone tells me different, I try a Mac around 
the place again, and its still incomprensible and still slow. And I 
still associate them with people like the awful Douglas Adams (there, 
have I offended the whole list now?)

sorry, I am a dinosaur!

How about another tack: shouldn't we be operating a cultural boycott of 
the USA these days?
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