[tex-live] Berlios or Sarovar (was: TL in CVS on Berlios)

Martin Schröder ms at artcom-gmbh.de
Sat Jan 10 02:36:17 CET 2004

On 2004-01-09 09:07:23 -0500, Karl Berry wrote:
> So the bottom line, to my mind, is whether the principal checker-inners
> (Thomas, Martin, Staszek, Sebastian, ...), who are all in Europe (that I
> can think of), can stand the slowness to India.  If they can, seems we
> should use sarovar.

I wouldn't mind India, but I think we should start with Berlios
and keep Sarvoar as a backup. We could even do an automatic
syncing between two repositories and use both (if there are
enough asians who want to use the repository and find India

Our main asset is the repository: Once we have that organized, we
can easily switch hosts.

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