[tex-live] TL in CVS on Berlios

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Jan 9 15:07:23 CET 2004

    Btw, has anyone looked into opendarwin.org suggested by Gerben?

I have no objection to opendarwin, it looked very nice, but does it
offer anything the others do not?  I didn't see anything.  We could
check its speed I suppose.

All else being equal, I think we'd all prefer to use sarovar, since it's
run by friends of TeX :).  The problem is, all else isn't equal --
accessing India is slower than Germany, no surprise there.

So the bottom line, to my mind, is whether the principal checker-inners
(Thomas, Martin, Staszek, Sebastian, ...), who are all in Europe (that I
can think of), can stand the slowness to India.  If they can, seems we
should use sarovar.

If it's just too painful, then we can investigate opendarwin, and/or
just use berlios.  I have not been impressed with berlios's reliability,
but at least they seem to be pretty quick about fixing things.

One relevant technical thing about cvs, which perhaps not everyone is
aware of -- p4 sync always updates the whole tree.  With cvs, if you run
cvs update in some subdirectory, it'll just update that directory and
all its subdirectories.  Since most changes are localized, this can save
quite some time.  My own approach is to run a cron job every night that
does a full update, and usually just do local updates as needed.

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