[tex-live] TL in CVS on Berlios

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Fri Jan 9 00:43:10 CET 2004

Michael Hallgren wrote:

> OK. But 350 ms and more is quite much... Synch. Will roughly work, but 
> take
>it's time.
Thats what I don't have a feeling for,  ie how slow it gets before it is 

my initial feeling is that when Thomas sends me an email saying "I have 
fixed that, try now", and
I do a "cvs update" to see what he has changed, a minute or two does not 
matter much. Mainly
because this is not my real job, and I don't do it intensively all day. 
During the day, I want
a much faster response when I access our local version control system to 
fix a web page, but sitting
down in the evening to try and solve a TeX Live problem, link time with 
CVS or Perforce does not matter so much.
After all, nearly all ones working time is spent offline on this project.


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