[tex-live] Re: Berlios

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Jan 7 00:35:50 CET 2004

    how about compile farms?

Not that I see :(.  I think maybe only sourceforge provides that.

    are there variants on CVS web displayers? 

Of course, everyone feels compelled to tweak ...

    any better than others?

Not appreciably, in my experience.  They all do the same basic thing,
the one on berlios seems as good as any to me.

Maybe others know about certain features that are only at some sites.

    can we automate the building of ISO images on the system? or do we 
    continue that on tug.org?

Users get shell accounts (you can log in to shell.berlios.de as rahtz),
so we could do it there if we wish.  I was more or less figuring it
would continue on tug.

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