[tex-live] My latest changes

Thomas Esser te at dbs.uni-hannover.de
Tue Jan 6 20:48:29 CET 2004

> texmf.cnf :
> I had to add the 'map' subdirectory to fonts/{enc,type1} in TEXPSHEADERS
> else pdftex does not want to find pdftex.map anymore.

Well, that's a bug in pdftex, then. pdftex should have used
kpse_dvips_config_format, not the kpse_tex_ps_header_format for accessing
the map files. It only worked, because both search paths have been so
similar (and both searched below texmf/dvips//). If we fix it now,
we'll of course change that to kpse_fontmap_format.

Ok, since this mail goes to the texlive list, I tell the full story now:

TDS-1.0 has introduced new locations for fontmap files (*.map) and font
encoding files (*.enc). Their proper place is below texmf/fonts/map
and texmf/fonts/enc. These files have been retrieved by the formats
kpse_dvips_config_format (map files for dvips, gsftopk, updmap, mktexpk,
...), kpse_fontmap_format (texmf/fontname files used by tex and dvi
drivers) and kpse_tex_ps_header_format (enc files by dvips, pdftex,
gsftopk, ...).

The search paths in texmf.cnf have been adjusted to look at the new
locations, too, so all correct applications should continue to work.

Additionally, we have set up new kpathsea formats:
  kpse_enc_format        for font encoding files
  kpse_cmap_format       for CMap files (e.g. needed by dvipdfmx)
  kpse_sfd_format        for subfont definition files (e.g. needed by dvipdfmx)
  kpse_opentype_format   for opentype fonts

  kpse_fontmap_format    not really new, but files will be rearranged
                         in the texmf tree, so that *all* map files (not
                         only the files from the fontname distribution)
                         can (and should!) be accessed by this format

kpathsea based applications that access map / enc files should be changed
to use the new formats kpse_fontmap_format and kpse_enc_format instead
of kpse_dvips_config_format / kpse_tex_ps_header_format.

I know that dvips uses kpse_tex_ps_header_format for everything that is
downloaded to the output file, so it might not be easy to use different
formats for prologues, enconding files and type 1 fonts. This means,
that the kpse_tex_ps_header_format will be messy for some time(*) or
even forever. On the other hand, I think that we can change all access
to map files quite easily (even in dvips), so that kpse_fontmap_format
will sonn be the only format used to access fontmap files. Then, we can
change TEXCONFIG to .;$TEXMF/dvips//.


(*) messy in the sense that it is used for (at least) three different kind
of files and three different places: texmf/dvips//, texmf/fonts/type1//,

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