[tex-live] Re: Berlios

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Jan 6 17:59:32 CET 2004

    by the way, is there now a definitive statement from somewhere saying 
    that LPPL
    is ruled out? I

I feel sure that the revised LPPL will be ok, when Frank releases the
new LaTeX.  Even Debian is ok with it.

However, I think sourceforge will be problematic from Europe.  I also
find it very troublesome philosophically, but that's a different story.

    so we cant use that either?

We don't want to use savannah.  Ignoring any licensing issues, I doubt
they can support a multi-gigabyte project, and their hardware (or maybe
it's their net connection) is relatively slow.

    its using Perforce. We could just switch to CVS on sun.dante.de.

1) When the p4 license expires (which is when ...?), are you going to be
able to get a renewal?  If that is so, it is news to me, and makes
switching to CVS (or something) imperative, not just "worth testing".

2) I see no win to doing cvs on sun.dante.de.  If we go to the pain of
   switching to cvs, we might as well use berlios and get all the
   web-cvs stuff for free.  If berlios dies (or gets cracked or
   whatever), we can put the tree somewhere else then.

We can sit around debating forever.  It's already set up at berlios.  If
anyone has time to experiment, let's experiment there, and not to try to
make final decisions in a vacuum.


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