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Martin Schröder ms at artcom-gmbh.de
Tue Jan 6 17:54:01 CET 2004

On 2004-01-06 16:29:21 +0000, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> Martin Schröder wrote:
> >Because I
> >strongly disagree with it. We _should_ move to something like
> >Sourceforge, but Berlios offers much too few services. 
> you do seem to know more about it than me, at least, so we had better 
> revisit this

Please. I have a project at Berlios and will investigate the
issue anyway.

> >The options for Open Source software development web sites
> >(OSSDWS) I know of are
> >- sourceforge.net
> > the first and the largest. Also offers the most services.
> > Licenses must be OSI-certified, which (now) rules out LPPL. Run
> > by a corporation (VA Software). Integrated with OSDN
> > (freshmeat, slashdot, newsforge).
> > 
> >
> sourceforge didnt reply to Karl when he applied, I think. Also,
> the LPPL thing license rules out using it for the texmf tree,
> right?
> by the way, is there now a definitive statement from somewhere
> saying that LPPL is ruled out? 

Ask Frank. :-)
AFAIK the new version of the LPPL (to be released RSN) is
approved by debian-legal. The next step would be to get it
OSI-certified. THEN we could move texmf to sourceforge or
savannah. source is probably not a problem anywhere.

> >- savannah.gnu.org
> > sourceforge done by GNU. Some minor technical differences.
> > Licenses must be OSI-certified, which (now) rules out LPPL.
> so we cant use that either?

See above. Savannah is realy sourceforge done by GNU/FSF. Even
more troubels with licenses, slightly less services.

> >- sarovar.org
> > OSSDWS run by TUGIndia with a completely different software
> > than sourceforge and savannah. Offers fewer services (e.g. no
> > web interface to CVS). No problems with licenses.
> is it realistic to work from a server in India?

Ping it. It's hosted at an ISP, so it's fast enough. And you have
millions of potential developers near it. :-)

> >- berlios
> > uncertain future and few services (e.g. no way to get mail
> > about new bugs). No problem with licenses. Located in Germany.
> who pays for Berlios?

Good question. They got public funding to start it (the idea was
to have an OSSDWS¹ and promote OSS in Germany), but the funding
has run out.

> >- doing it ourself (DANTE & TUG)
> > failed because of manpower shortage
> eh? We _are_ doing it. it has not failed (yet). the only reason
> for change is that its using Perforce. We could just switch to
> CVS on sun.dante.de.

We are using it, but improvements are impossible. I asked for
something like syncmail and viewcvs and after months was told
that neither Rainer nor Reinhard have the time for it. My problem
is not p4 (which is fine), but support.

> >I will investigate this in more depth (in time for DANTE
> >Darmstadt), but I didn't know that TL is moving now.
> perhaps I had better come to Darmstadt....

Please. Zapf will be there!

Best regards

¹Is there a better acronym/term for this?
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