[tex-live] tl hosting The options for Open Source software development web sites

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Jan 6 17:51:08 CET 2004

For the record, see also
although you've listed all the principal hosting providers.

We (mainly Sebastian and I) felt sourceforge, savannah, and sarovar
would not work because, principally, they are too far away.  Almost all
the principal TL developers are in Europe.  (I have other issues with
all three, but I won't bother enumerating them.)  

Doing it ourselves is out because, as you say, we don't even have time
to do a bang-up job with TL, let alone developing a whole hosting
infrastructure.  We will just keep limping along as we are if we do
nothing else.

I asked sunsite.dk, but they didn't respond for a month, and anyway upon
reflection they offered almost no standard services.  More geared
towards special-case projects.  (Sebastian, I never asked sourceforge; I
asked sunsite.dk.)

That leaves berlios.  I was not aware they had an "uncertain" future.
Is there a definite death date or something?  When I looked around on
the net, they seemed no more uncertain than anything else.

Anyway, I've used berlios since the savannah crack for Texinfo.  They
have their share of problems, but they approved the project right away
and have been fairly responsive to my various support requests.

They also approved a texlive project.
I've just been playing around with it -- put the schedule into their
"task manager", and have been putting a few bugs in.  I've been getting
email with new or changed bugs, so perhaps they fixed the problem you

If anyone wants to bother to create an account at berlios for further
testing, obviously Seb or I will set up developer permissions or

Anyway, as I said before, I think moving the sources to cvs needs
testing, which Seb or I will try to pursue.  But I see no particular
harm in using berlios for the infrastructure stuff it provides.


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