Berlios (was: [tex-live] Problem with TL source tree (eomegadir/

Martin Schröder ms at
Tue Jan 6 17:16:02 CET 2004

On 2004-01-06 15:41:41 +0000, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> I am also inclined, in a week or two, to put this tree into CVS on Berlios,
> and keep Perforce only for the Master tree.

Has the move to Berlios been discussed somewhere? Because I
strongly disagree with it. We _should_ move to something like
Sourceforge, but Berlios offers much too few services. 

The options for Open Source software development web sites
(OSSDWS) I know of are
  the first and the largest. Also offers the most services.
  Licenses must be OSI-certified, which (now) rules out LPPL. Run
  by a corporation (VA Software). Integrated with OSDN
  (freshmeat, slashdot, newsforge).
  sourceforge done by GNU. Some minor technical differences.
  Licenses must be OSI-certified, which (now) rules out LPPL.
  OSSDWS run by TUGIndia with a completely different software
  than sourceforge and savannah. Offers fewer services (e.g. no
  web interface to CVS). No problems with licenses.
- berlios
  uncertain future and few services (e.g. no way to get mail
  about new bugs). No problem with licenses. Located in Germany.
- doing it ourself (DANTE & TUG)
  failed because of manpower shortage

I will investigate this in more depth (in time for DANTE
Darmstadt), but I didn't know that TL is moving now.

For now my favourite is sourceforge, simply because it's the
largest and offers the most services.

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