[tex-live] Re: BUG IDENTIFIED: TeXsetup.exe / Win95(b) installation problem [TeXLive 7 -9/2003]

Fabrice Popineau Fabrice.Popineau at supelec.fr
Fri Jan 2 17:38:08 CET 2004

> The problem occurs due to the version of COMCTL32.DLL (custom
> controls), which here was 4.70 (*original* Win95B Build 1111). This
> usually gets up- dated if you install other (Microsoft?) stuff I
> think.  Version 4.72.3611(.1900) of COMCTL32.DLL taken from another
> Win95B-Box works well.

That's why I suggested to install IE4.0 : it updates much more than
winsock. So that's fixed.

> Funny enough, version numbers of COMCTL32.DLL and SHLWAPI.DLL (shell
> light-weight utility API) are probed (they appear in the log file),
> but obviously to late, because no log files were created.
> [SHLWAPI.DLL ver. 4.70.1155 on both machines, "ProductName Windows NT"
> ;-]

The log file is created only once the copying occur. If something fails
before I must admit that many cases of failure are not reported. 

> Btw, I discovered a severe space leak in the tree view of packages if
> you run TeXsetup in maintenance mode (probably inside MFC). The
> limited 64K system & GDI resources of DOS-crippled-Windows ('95,
> '98[SE], Me?) go low rapidly if you unfold subtrees to find out if
> there are further "red" packages - an "Update all (installed)
> packages" button would be a nice work-around.

Yes, at least 95 and 98. It wasn't reported clearly before, but I can
agree on the diagnosis. No idea if a workaround is possible
however. Next installer will be MSI based (the M$ installer platform).

> Another gimmick: XEmacs won't run because KERNEL32.DLL does not
> implement/ export CopyFileExW, next Popup states "a device connected
> to the system is not functional" (or like that - translated from
> German).  The menu item suddenly pointed to WINCLIENT.EXE, but this
> happened last year... (not reproduceable).

Lately I removed a few dependencies of xemacs on functions that are not
used and found only in recent versions of dlls. You need to do the
upgrade to get the most recent version of xemacs. I fixed it at least
for NT4.0, I haven't tried it under w95.

Best regards,

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