[tex-live] man and texinfo

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Aug 30 15:00:17 CEST 2004

    however Master/texmf/doc/info contains (not up-to-date):

Are you sure they are not up to date?  I am positive the Texinfo and
dvips sources, at least, have not been updated since I last built the
info files.  And the gzip and bzip2 manuals have not changed in many
years (unfortunately).  (I'm not even sure why we have them in TL -- we
don't have gzip/bzip2 binaries, do we?  Let's delete them.)

Your web2c doc for output-directory needs to be included before we
rebuild web2c.

texi2html needs to be installed, that's a recent addition.

    How man and info pages should be updated in Master/texmf tree?

By hand :(.  I run makeinfo --no-split; after discussing with Fabrice,
we concluded it was better than having the split versions.  And don't
forget PDF and HTML updates, too.  This is what I said I was going to
think about writing a script for ... but meanwhile, fine to update
whatever's needed, of course.


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