[tex-live] e-TeX 2.2 schedule update

Olaf Weber olaf at infovore.xs4all.nl
Sat Aug 28 19:59:56 CEST 2004

Vladimir Volovich writes:

> what repository shall be used for builds: source or source.development?


> since it's still a development phase, i suspect that we should use the
> latter... may i build solaris and aix binaries a bit later when the
> sources will stabilize, or it is preferable to have them built now?

> (i hope that testing could be done using primarily the linux and
> windows binaries, and once it will be decided to make a final build,
> i'll do the solaris and aix builds)

Please build Solaris and AIX, and if possible do some minimal
functionality testing.  IMHO we need to verify that each host will
successfully build, at a point where we still have ample time to track
down build issues.

For example, things I ran into with the IRIX builds which are not
necessarily obvious:

- lcdf-typetools buils two C++ libraries.  I need to replace the
  standard 'ar' command with 'CC -ar' to get the C++ prelinker to run,
  otherwise some templates are not instantiated, and linking binaries
- xdvi will link against libiconv if it is available.  This library is
  not a standard part of IRIX and is not necessary.  However, on the
  build machine I'm using it is installed as a part of samba.
  Allowing it to be linked in limits the usefulness of the xdvi
- configure needs specific settings for CC, CXX etc to ensure that the
  native compilers are used, and that optimized binaries are
  generated.  (The MIPSpro compilers will not optimize if both '-g'
  and '-O2' are specified, which configure does by default.)
I "solved" these problems by writing a litte shell script that calls
configure with the right options, followed by a fix-up of three
makefiles (two for lcdf-typetools, and xdvik).

While a few more changes will get into the sources, I foresee no
changes to the build procedure except fixes for problems encountered.
This is why I think doing a trial run of the builds will not be wasted
effort at this point.

Olaf Weber

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