[tex-live] e-TeX 2.2 schedule update

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Aug 27 15:19:34 CEST 2004

     So yes, binaries would be useful.

Ok, system builders, please start your engines ... (not for the last time)
(Fabrice checked in a win32 update yesterday, Olaf did irix, not sure about
others ...)

alpha-linux (HP Alpha Linux)		Norbert
hpux					Lars
i386-freebsd (i386 FreeBSD)		Manfred
i386-linux (i386 Linux)			Staszek
i386-openbsd (i386 OpenBSD)		Sebastian ? Baden
i386-solaris (Sun i386 Solaris)		Baden
i386_64-linux				Tigran
mips-irix (SGI IRIX)			Olaf
powerpc-aix (IBM RS/6000 AIX)		Vladimir
powerpc-darwin6.3 (MacOSX)		Gerben
sparc-solaris (Sun Sparc Solaris)	Vladimir
sparc64-linux (Sparc Linux)		Staszek
win32 (32-bit Windows)			Fabrice

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