[tex-live] test-texlive2004-inst-20040823: fmtutil and updmap no longer launched?

Daniel Flipo Daniel.Flipo at univ-lille1.fr
Thu Aug 26 16:03:33 CEST 2004

Hi all,

I performed the installation of texlive2004 (image dated 2004/08/23),
on linux (Debian sarge) and noticed some flaws:

1) The installation ends with 'Welcome to TeXLive' but
   no format is built. I have to launch the script 
   'fmtutil --all' by hand.

2) The script updmap is not launched automatically either.

3) When launching updmap by hand some entries are missing in
   pdftex.map and in psfonts.map:
   On TL2003, updmap.cfg used to load 'hoekwater.map' and
   'context.map' which no longer exist on TL2004. 
   'hoekwater.map' seems to have been split into rsfs, stmary, 
   wasy, manfnt, mflogo, that's fine, but updmap.cfg does not 
   load them!
4) updmap again: selecting the greek language does not add
   'Map cbgreek.map' to updmap.cfg, as it should, I guess.

Daniel Flipo                             Daniel.Flipo at univ-lille1.fr
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