[tex-live] TEXFONTS for Type 1's, and more debugging

Olaf Weber olaf at infovore.xs4all.nl
Mon Aug 23 17:26:46 CEST 2004

Karl Berry writes:

>> TEXFONTS is a weird variable.  Note that it isn't even defined in the
>> "standard" texmf.cnf.

> It's for users to use.  It doesn't need to be defined in texmf.cnf,
> since there are all the file-format-specific variables these days.
> In fact, TEXFONTS predates all the other font variables.  It should be
> included in TYPE1_ENVS, really.  Do you see a problem?

Just that it's role is/was unclear to me.  Doing things this way would
give TEXFONTS at least a well-defined role, which would be a plus.  So
I'm following the suggestion of adding it to all the font-related paths.

>>> 2) In kpse_find_file, add a debug statement reporting the type and
>>> path_source members of the struct.

>>     For ease of implementation can you supply a patch or at least
>>     (pseudo-)code to illustrate exactly what you have in mind?

> Sure, here's the basic idea of what I was needing.  I'm happy to check
> in the change(s) to TL, but of course didn't want it to get lost when
> you sync from your private source.

I'll just include that.

Olaf Weber

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