[tex-live] 8-bit input/hyphenation tests

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Aug 3 02:09:14 CEST 2004

I have checked in a minimal (totally minimal) autotest infrastructure.
For now it's in Master/support/tests, and is not installed anywhere.  It
can check both dvi (using dvitype) and pdf (using pdftoppm) output.
There's a README in that directory which explains a little more.
I'm running it nightly now.

Of course, the list of possible tests is infinite.  What I'm mostly
interested in is making sure that things aren't totally broken.  We've
all experienced regression failures, to our sorrow.

I've written a few foundation tests (story.tex, small2e.tex,
sample2e.tex, hello,world for context).  The most important tests I'd
like to add are to test 8-bit input and hyphenation -- not exhaustively,
I'll leave that to Staszek :), but enough to see that things are at
least basically functional.  Since this has broken in the past.

So, I need help.  I don't know the approved/supported/best way to write
documents in anything besides English (not always sure about English,
for that matter, but that's another story :).  So if anyone would like
to give me a short TeX, LaTeX, or ConTeXt file, that would be great.
Ideally it would test two things: 1) 8-bit input gives the right output;
2) hyphenation in that language works.


P.S. Staszek, if you'd like to incorporate some of your tests into this
framework, let me know and we can discuss.

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