[tex-live] Make the extensions for formats different for each engine.

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Apr 15 09:57:48 CEST 2004

At 19:27 14/04/2004, you wrote:
>Right now pdftex uses .fmt for its formats (e.g., latex.fmt) just as
>tex does.  Similar for pdfetex and etex, which both use .efmt.  I
>don't believe this is a desirable situation, and would like to change
>this, possible so that
>       tex      -> .fmt
>       etex     -> .efmt
>       pdftex   -> .pfmt
>       pdfetex  -> .pefmt
>       pdfxtex  -> .xfmt (could be made .pxfmt for "consistency")
>       omega    -> .oft (could be made .ofmt)
>       eomega   -> .eoft (could be .eofmt, but who cares)
>       aleph    -> .afmt
>I know that if you reduce the extension to three letters, you get
>overlaps with .pfm, .ofm, .afm.  The one place this actually matters
>is kpsewhich, where I've resolved this by ensuring that the mapping of
>file extension to kpse_file_format_t looks at kpse_format_t last.

sounds ok to me, i'd opt for the longer ones (pxfmt and so)

if i remember right nts already had nfmt to avoid format name clashes

(another option is




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