[tex-live] Re: Re: aleph for TL

Giuseppe Bilotta bilotta78 at hotpop.com
Wed Apr 14 17:46:33 CEST 2004

Martin Schröder wrote:
> On 2004-04-13 15:33:39 +0200, Giuseppe Bilotta wrote:
> > The only thing that can break compilation is usage of omega.sty (the 
> > omega package for latex/lambda), since it makes use of the 
> > \nextfakemath primitive which is defined in Omega 1.23 but not in 
> > Omega 1.15 or Aleph.
> So omega.sty is broken (what license does it have, anyway? the
> file has none) and must be fixed. Is that realistic?

Fixed in the sense that \nextfakemath can be removed, yes. I have no 
idea about the licence. Anyway, omega.sty is a real mess and I don't 
like it at all. I would rather prefer the Babel system to become 
Omega/Aleph aware than add one extra multilingual layer to LaTeX.

Giuseppe "Oblomov" Bilotta

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