[tex-live] Re: aleph for TL

Giuseppe Bilotta bilotta78 at hotpop.com
Tue Apr 13 15:33:39 CEST 2004

Hans Hagen wrote:
> At 17:21 27/03/2004, Thomas Esser wrote:
> > > Ps. I hope that's nothing wrong that lambda uses now aleph engine
> > > instead of omega.
> >
> >The LaTeX team has requested to use e-TeX aware engines for LaTeX, so
> >I think this is politically correct until Omega officially supports the
> >e-TeX primitives.
> ... and is stable enough to be of use for more than a few pages; i don't 
> know what lambda is supposed to to but i assume that it's not depending on 
> new (undocumented) features in omega > 1.15, so i think that aleph is a 
> good choice here; also, i expect more testing by and feedback from that 
> branch of omega

The only thing that can break compilation is usage of omega.sty (the 
omega package for latex/lambda), since it makes use of the 
\nextfakemath primitive which is defined in Omega 1.23 but not in 
Omega 1.15 or Aleph.

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