[tex-live] web2c-win32 volunteer?

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Apr 10 17:47:34 CEST 2004

Bad news everyone -- Fabrice has decided not to continue maintaining
web2c-win32 (he'll keep on with his xemtex distribution with pdf and
html output only .. which, for now, unfortunately, won't keep the
general populace happy).  I know we all appreciate his heroic efforts to
date in making the distribution work under Windows.  Thank you, Fabrice.

Looking to this year's TeX Live release ... I guess the first question
is whether someone (or some group) can volunteer to take over
maintenance of web2c-win32.  If no one can step forward here, I can ask
on texhax/c.t.t.

However, since I asked for volunteers previously merely to *help*
Fabrice, and got no takers, I confess I don't feel too optimistic.  I'd
love to be proved wrong, though. :)

If no one volunteers to take over, the only alternative I can think of
is to talk with Christian Schenk about distributing miktex.  One
possibility is that TeX Collection 2004 could be one CD with Unix/Mac,
one CD with miktex, and one DVD with both plus CTAN. 

In any case, obviously miktex would not be integrated at all into the
existing unix/mac stuff as web2c-win32 is.  We would just take it as is,
with its own installation and packaging.  Perhaps in a future year the
same texmf tree could be shared, but I can't picture that happening this time.

If anyone has any other ideas, don't be shy :).


P.S. Since Sebastian is away until the middle of next week, I thought
it best if I sent this out now.

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