[tex-live] missing binaries

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Sun Apr 4 12:18:13 CEST 2004


On tex live 2003 the windows bin path has dvipdfmx and its companion 
dvipos; these are not in the other paths. I wonder how that happened since 
i have the impression that these things are the same for all systems. BTW, 
just like pdfetex as default engine replaces its not extended ancesters, 
dvipdfmx/dvipos for some time now can be considered the replacement for 
dvipdfm (the x one has more extensive pdf support as well as can handle the 
fonts uses in asia more comfortable (dvipdfmx is in most aspect compatible 
with pdftex in functionality; i'm currently discussing with the authors in 
getting it \pdfmapfile compatible as well); so

   pdfetex -> pdf
   pdfetex -> dvi -> dvipdfmx -> pdf

We may also consider to put more asian fonts on the tex live collection 
(now we have room for such big ones).

(i'll not bother you with how changing to pdfetex as default engine 
influences macropackages in their way of thinking about not only dvi/pdf 
but also direct versus indirect pdf -)


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