[tex-live] draft revision of TeX Directory Structure document

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Apr 4 03:38:51 CEST 2004

Following suggestions from Thomas Esser and others, I'd like to
circulate a new draft of the TDS document.  It has passed muster with
those on the twg-tds list, and I wanted to be sure other interested
parties had a chance to review it.  It will become tds 1.1 when
consensus is reached.

Here is the list of significant changes (also included in the document).

\item Inputs for \TeX\ extensions included under \path|tex|, instead
      of in their own top-level directories (Section~\ref{sec:Extensions})
\item New top-level directory \path|scripts| (Section~\ref{sec:Scripts}).
\item New subdirectory \path|lig| of \path|fonts|.
\item \path|enc|, \path|lig|, and \path|map| all use
      \replaceable{syntax}\path|/|\replaceable{package} subdirectories
\item \path|pfm| files specified to go under \path|type1|, and
      \path|inf| files under \path|afm| (Section~\ref{sec:Fonts}).

For the sake of those on slow connections, I won't include the whole
document here.  It's at ftp://tug.org/private/tex/tds-1.093/.


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