[tex-live] The fonts/{map,enc} location problem (updmap)

Thomas Esser te at dbs.uni-hannover.de
Mon Sep 29 21:20:25 CEST 2003

>     TEXPSHEADERS            =  
>     .;$TEXMF/{{fonts/{map,enc}/{dvips,},dvips},pdftex,tex,fonts/type1}//
>     ...
> It seems sensible to me, but I guess that Thomas and Olaf are the ones
> with the final say.

I don't mind changing the paths like this for now.

> BTW, those paths seem incredibly complex.  I cannot mentally compute the
> expansions.  Triple braces, double dvips's ... it's too bad.  It seems
> we've constructed a whole lot of complication for ourselves.  Sigh.

The whole reason for putting enc / map files to their proper place
was to make things simpler. And, indeed, as soon as kpathsea starts
to support a few new formats and as soon as we have ported our
applications to these new formats, we can simplify the search paths

TEXPSHEADERS is a good example. As soon as we have fixed all applications
to use the T1FONTS path for type1 fonts, we can remove fonts/type1 from
that search path.  pdftex// and tex// are used to find some map files
(e.g. contex's). As soon as these map files are in fonts/map, these path
elements can be removed, too.

In the end, TEXPSHEADERS should just be

It would have been helpful, if we had support for the new search paths
in kpathsea right now. That would have given everyone a good basis for
adjustments of drivers. Unfortunately, Olaf did not have the time to
check in these changes in time.


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