[tex-live] pattern problems

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Sep 29 13:23:21 CEST 2003


In the early times of context i distributed the patterns in separate files. 
Then i was strongly advised to use the existing one. This went ok till now. 
When I generate a  the czech/slovak format (for the czech interface) i get:

! This file can be used only in babelised formats!.
l.9 ...ile can be used only in babelised formats!}

for the cz and sk pattern files. Now, context is pretty multi lingual but 
not babelised at all.

I really think that we should look into patterns:

- proper filename convention
- consistent internals
- no package dependent internals

The current situation forces me to start distributing my own instances of 
pattern files again. I agree with the distributers (and tex liv ebuilders) 
that we should minimize the number of duplicate files, but it seems that 
there is no clean way to make sure that independent (generic) files stay 

(A similar problems occurs with the tfm/afm files for urw fonts: they are 
missing because they are 'similar' (but not the same) as their adobe 
counterarts. This may be true for latex users but ...)

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