[tex-live] ugly bugs

Tibor Blenessy tiborb at host.sk
Sun Sep 28 16:49:01 CEST 2003


I've just downloaded texlive2003-inst iso file and install it on my win98 
machine. Instalation was ok, but when I run csplain.bat it only writes OFF to 
the command line. I look into it, I've found the problem. Lines are separated 
byt #10, not #13#10 and windows shell can't execute such kind of file, it 
thinks, that it is one command. Almost every cs* bat file is damaged and some 
of others too. 

Second bug is, that in csplain.bat is wrong argument passed to tex.exe, there 
is -default=translate-file=cp1250cs and should be 
-default-translate-file=cp1250cs. tex always say "can't find file 

I hope, images should be changed, or write this somewhere on the page, 
especially cstug should mention this on the page. 


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