[tex-live] DONE. but never say never again...

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Thu Sep 25 19:15:24 CEST 2003

I would like to declare TeX Live 2003 well and firmly CLOSED. I don't
_care_ if there are bugs left or some oddities. It is time we lifted up
our heads and howled "finished" at the moon. The final .isos will be
ready in about an hour.

In traditional fashion, here are this year's awards, the Toscars:

 * for last-minute brinkmanship, the winner is (again!) Hans, who wanted
a ConTeXt upgrade seconds before the bell went; commiserations to
Volker, who fought hard for the award with his late translations

 * for Services to Checking, as usual, Staszek, without whom a million
bugs would still be alive today

 * for Panicking, Fabrice, who wanted to change the Texlive licensing at
the last minute 

 * for Laziness, Sebastian, for doing less and less work while still
claiming credit

 * for Persistence, Gerben, who _still_ didn't get the changes he needed
into the source to make it civilised for his users

 * for Surprisingly Proper Behaviour, Addison Wesley, who understood the
issue about copyright

 * for Being Bad, Springer Verlag, who are on the verge of receiving a
"cease and desist" letter from a lawyer unless we hear from them soon


* for Cheerful and Patient Leadership of a Very Long Process, Karl. I
cannot thank him enough for the work he has put in this year, which I
believe has saved the project.

and of course, thanks!!! to the ever increasing, both in number and
reliability, of people who put their share of hard work in to get this
release finished.


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