[tex-live] tldoc near finish

Volker RW Schaa v.r.w.schaa at gsi.de
Wed Sep 24 18:06:07 CEST 2003

At 15:06 24.09.2003, Karl Berry wrote:
>I edited deutsch/latex4ht.cfg a la czechoslovak (thanks Petr),
>regenerated deutsch html and submitted it.  There is no actual box, but
>that's the case for every language afaik (and who cares anyway, at this
>point :).  No errors from tex4ht now, at least.
can you mail that to me, because I got error reports and want to make 
the final German doc version till this evening. 

Have you seen (in my tldoc) that the root directories on DVD have
- ctan
- texmf-extra (the comments on this tree are missing from the tldoc-de)

Just as a bynote: I just talked to Frank Mittelbach about the LaTeX 
pre-release. It's not ready to distribute, so we drop the proposed 
directory "ctan/macros/latex/pre-release" from the DVD.

Additional directories you will find on DVD (but not on CTAN) are
- ctan/sites/context/www.pragma-ade.nl  with all manuals, context stuff, etc.
- ctan/sites/winedt/www.winedt.org      macros and additions for winedt
- ctan/sites/jp/                        japanese fonts, programs, etc.
>Are we done?  Does anyone else have any pending changes to submit?
>Stopper bugs to report?  Issues of any kind?
>If not, I will rebuild the images by hand right now, and turn off the
>cron job.
please led the cron job running, if somebody else want to add to tldoc
by last minute. Btw, no harm is done by letting it run, or?
Is there a difference in cron job build images to hand built ones?

Manfred has a cron job to get all the stuff (DVD, CDs, CTAN, etc), so
every day there is a new "master" version ready for pressing the finals.
At the moment we have some time left, because the cover is in print and 
needs 4-5 day more than the DVD/CD.

Cheers, Volker

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