[tex-live] TEXINPUTS, pdfTeX and texmf.cnf

Gerben Wierda Gerben.Wierda at rna.nl
Mon Sep 22 18:00:51 CEST 2003

On Monday, Sep 22, 2003, at 16:44 Europe/Amsterdam, Karl Berry wrote:

>     pdfamstex, but that one is only in the fmtuil.cnf I ship.
> So let's just add a TEXINPUTS.pdfamstex for now.  What should it be?
> And, I am not sure how many texmf.cnf's have to change (with either
> change) given the recent confusion, so can you or someone else check 
> it in?
> That seems definitely lower risk than changing the default TEXINPUTS.  
> I
> take your point that the important formats all have their own TEXINPUTS
> anyway, but still ...
>     "find everything unless specifically forbidden" it is a friendlier
>     default.
> I agree in theory, but in this particular case, I would say "more
> dangerous" rather than "friendlier" :).

I have fixed that pdfamstex in my distribution, but what I was thinking 
of is the people creating local special formats which used to work and 
stopped working.

At least what would be helpful is informational. pdfTeX could give an 
error message that is more informative on a probable cause of the 

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