[tex-live] Final DVD cover

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Sep 22 17:36:34 CEST 2003

At 15:04 22/09/2003 +0200, Klaus Hoeppner wrote:
>I now included the last corrections and requests into the cover.
>I expect that I may send them to the production company today.
>They are as usual under http://lbdb01.gsi.de/cover/
>where the only larger change is that I have put again a list of all
>groups onto the front upon request. I found out that the best way to
>do this is to put them in the black bottom bar. So the editors moved
>up to the red part again -- it looks much better than putting the
>group list in the red part.

it's ok for me (although esthetically it would be better to have the 
editors in the red area and no user groups at the cover, unless one wants 
to prove that tex can have funny interlinespacing and typeset small font 
sizes; let's hope that next year either some user groups are obsolete or 
that cd's have grown to lp-size; i fear the moment that we are able to put 
tex live on a mini cd; it's also a nice showcase of funny logos and i hope 
that no customer of lehmans will consider all those lowered and raised 
capitals to be typo's  -)

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