[tex-live] cp8bit and old bugs

Vladimir Volovich vvv at vsu.ru
Thu Sep 18 21:23:06 CEST 2003

"HH" == Hans Hagen writes:

 >> i just tested with context included into current TeX Live depot,
 >> and tried to process the file samle.tex which was included into
 >> teTeX2.0 (but is absent in current TeX Live), and it produced an
 >> error about undefined control sequence \cyrillicK (i've attached
 >> that file).

 HH> you forgot to load support for the cyrillic encoding vectors as
 HH> well as to select a fotn that supports cyrillic; once i feel
 HH> confident that cyr is implemented ok, i'll add the regime and
 HH> encoding by default (as with others); users can of course preload
 HH> them in their local initialization file.

 HH> \useregime[cyr] % load input regime vectors \useencoding[cyr] %
 HH> load encoding vectors

 HH> \enableregime[cp1251] % enables input regime \setupbodyfont[cyr]
 HH> % selects font that has proper characters

 HH> this produces something on my machine that looks cyrillic

thanks - indeed it works with the above. i'll try to look at the
multilingual things...


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