[tex-live] cp8bit and old bugs

Vladimir Volovich vvv at vsu.ru
Thu Sep 18 13:58:42 CEST 2003

"FP" == Fabrice Popineau writes:

 >> Pardon, but I'm still messed. For what reason reading cp8bit by
 >> default was included? Only for messages and log?

for non-LaTeX users ;-)
in LaTeX, there is NO problem with 8-bit chars, as it does it properly
and in a portable way.

in LaTeX, one doesn't need TCX nor enctex nor even 8-bit output to
files. other macro packages are not as advanced as latex and use
non-portable solutions (which are not really multilingual, BTW).

 >> 2. Daniel Flipo reported the problem with french lshort, but it is
 >> still not resolved. Daniel, just use il1-t1.tcx and forget using
 >> inputenc ;-}

 FP> It definitely solves Daniel problem, and also solves the problem
 FP> for ConTeXt users.

the problem with lshort (actually, fancyvrb) can be solved purely in
macro level, as i did to help compile the russian translation some
time ago.


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